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Give your child the tools to succeed today with Kids Martial Arts Classes at National Martial Arts. We offer two distinct programs for children of all ages, designed to first help them grow as athletes and as quality people through the SKILLZ progression and later to equip them with the most efficient anti-bullying tactics offered in Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park. 

Your child will not only develop physical skills but mental skills as well with a strong focus on character development. Our goal is to empower children so that they can stand up to bullies and peer pressure and to help them become better versions of themselves!

Enjoy The World Renowned SKILLZ Program

At National Martial Arts, we offer the children of Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park an opportunity to be their very best with our Kids Martial Arts program through the SKILLZ development progression. Each class is created with unique age groups in mind to cater to a child's various development stages. Curriculum from both Tang Soo Do and Gracie Bullyproof are combined and taught to cater to a child's various stages of development.

Class Options Include:

  • Mini Skillz: For the youngest of the young from 18-36 months old.
  • Early Skillz: Base level training for kids ages 3-4.
  • Basic Skillz: Fun and exciting classes for ages 5-6.
  • Core Skillz: "The golden years" for ages 7-9.
  • Extreme Skillz: Challenging and enjoyable classes for ages 10-14. 

Combat Bullies With The Gracie Bullyproof Program

Not only does our Kids Martial Arts training help kids find a passion for martial arts and all that it has to offer. We also give children the tools they need to stand up to a bully. These classes will give your child unbelievable self-confidence and empower him or her to avoid violent encounters with bullies but also how to protect themselves if a violent encounter in unavoidable.

Your child will quickly learn how to:

  • Stand up for themselves in all situations
  • Protect themselves and others in a conflict
  • Avoid the life-changing effects bullying can create

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At National Martial Arts, we take pride in making each and every one of our Kids Martial Arts students as physically and mentally prepared for the real world as possible. Join the family today. Just fill out the short form on your screen now and we'll take it from there!  

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