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Tang Soo Do Karate is a traditional Korean Martial Art that focuses its attention on staying prepared for any attack. Men and women in Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie can expect the best Tang Soo Do training anywhere around from National Martial Arts as Head Instructor Christian Lacey is currently ranked as a 6th Dan Tang Soo Do with 27 years of experience in the discipline. 

Build the best response to any attack with training in Tang Soo Do sparring, which often features a series of defense and submission techniques premeditated for an attack.

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Learn Traditional Karate Skills With Tang Soo Do

The benefits of karate skills and those unique to Tang Soo Do are immense. Students often enjoy improved: 

  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Total body strength
  • And memorization after training in the discipline of Tang Soo Do. 

Whether you're training for competition or for practical application, you'll be motivated by the progressions of Tang Soo Do mastery and the skills it instills in its students. 

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