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Tang Soo Do

When National Martial Arts first opened in 1999, it was devoted exclusively to the study of Tang Soo Do, and it is still the one discipline that draws the most students to the school. Children especially enjoy the more traditional learning atmosphere that karate offers, and adults often prefer to study a form of pure self defense instead of sport fighting. Tang Soo Do offers both of these environments.

Over the course of the past decade, the Tang Soo Do practiced at National Martial Arts has been infused with numerous Muay Thai maneuvers as well as tactics drawn straight from Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and traditional boxing. As these other martial arts became more mainstream and made their way into the area, the school grew to incorporate them into its training and the Tang Soo Do curriculum grew by absorbing any aspects which have proven useful in a no-rules scenario. The martial art has maintained its traditional roots while allowing for a modern day realistic self-defense application.

Fourth degree black belt Master Lacey, who is the head instructor and is responsible for most of the techniques that have been incorporated into the Tang Soo Do curriculum, believes that the style of Tang Soo Do practiced at National Martial Arts today is more effective and more practical than the Tang Soo Do he first encountered nearly 25 years ago.

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